Knit Your Own Team Logo Scarf

By Michelle Kempner Fall is an exciting time. The leaves are changing, the kids are back to school, and football season is starting up. Since you are starting to pull your knitting needles and yarn back out of the closet, why not use them to knit a scarf to support... Read more »

Hinged transformation of triangle to square

The relatively straightforward swing-hinged dissection of an equilateral triangle to a square in this video is called "Dudeney's dissection" and has been known since 1902. For a gallery of hinged dissections, check out Tse-hsuan Yang's page at Taiwan's National Tsing Hua University. Read more »

Fascination: Heather Lang

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Why is Heather Lang fascinated with chess? Though she is a master player herself, her passion lies in coaching others, and helping guide them to the moment where they say “Ah, yes, got it!”. In this video, she talks about running after-school chess clubs to get kids interested in the... Read more »

Skateboard Tetris

True that San Francisco skaters have a reputation that precedes them with their home turf being some of the gnarliest urban streets in the country. Check out these 36 SF skaters on Freebords flexing mad skills with neon Tetris shapes mounted on their heads to awesome effect. Read more »

Mixing Fibers: Free Knit Pin Cushion Pattern

A common problem when working from the stash, is having only a small amount of each type of fiber left. How can you successfully combine cotton and wool in the same project? How can you combine acrylic with silk? Should you? Would you? Could you dare? (Yes, I totally stole... Read more »