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Hungry for breakfast? Forget fast food, try following your childhood dreams and build a breakfast machine to make it for you! I’ll do it as soon as I can convince someone to clean it for me; anyone looking for an internship?

The jam rolling unit really caught my eye. What would it take to turn that into a rotary diecutter? I’d love to have toast spelled out in my initials.

[via neatorama]



  1. heretic says:

    Who else thought of Wallace’s breakfast machine when they saw this?

    1. StayatHomeElectronics says:

      I second that thought.

  2. Elexorien says:

    I prefer the one in Pee-Wee’s house…

  3. Keith Hammond says:

    Cue the Pee-Wee soundtrack by Danny Elfman: “Breakfast Machine”!

  4. tsdguy says:

    I think Caractacus Potts has prior art on the automatic breakfast machine.

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