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  • PatrickIV

    …less than impressive.

    • Adam Flaherty

      It’s unfortunate that this clever, functional, handmade one-off failed to greet your discerning pallet with the shock-and-awe you’re usually accustomed to. Fortunately this isn’t a contest. Please leave constructive criticism, if any.

      • Adam Flaherty

        It’s not an automata in the strict sense, though it could very easily be with the right software. For instance, there’s an app called iChalky that would definitely blur the line…

        It’s obvious to me how fun this device is, but that’s completely subjective.

        It’s easy to deride what you find to be disagreeable, though it’s of more use to those who will be reading your comment if you leave constructive criticism.

    • pff

      this is lame
      its not automa, its not really that clever and i completely fail to see how it is fun.
      this is nothing like a wood puzzle or lego.

      this section is called ‘comments’, not ‘praise’

  • I have no mouth and I must scream

    Reminds me of a modern take on a smoke burner or mechanical gear demo automata very clean and neat. Now there now needs to be the yang to this yin, the Rube Goldberg version.

    @PatrickIV do you dislike those geometric wood puzzles and Legos because they are…
    …less than impressive. Lighten up a little ,try to find fun in life.

  • Tomaradze

    It’s not even pointless.

    There’s just one thing useful in this guy’s site, that is the link to the gear template generator.