Fall is here! Decorate for the season with fresh flowers that are blooming right now. I used marigolds and mums to create two garlands. They are perfect for autumn weddings, Day of the Dead shrines, Thanksgiving, or just because you want to bring some warm colors into your home. They are easy to create, and if you purchase the flowers living from a nursery, you can plant your leftovers!



18-gauge floral wire
Wire cutters


Marigold Double Garland
Step 1: Remove the blooms from the marigold plant. Snap off each flower just below the head, where the stem meets the bloom.
Step 2: Cut 2 lengths of wire, 2.5′ and 1.5′. Make a loop in one end of the first wire.
Step 3: Push the end of the wire that is not twisted into a loop through the bottom of the marigold. The wire should easily pass through the green part of the flower head, and right out the top of the blossom. String it onto the wire as if it were a bead.
Step 4: Add flowers until the strand is full. Twist the other end into a loop to complete the first strand of the garland. String the second length of wire the same way, but do not loop the ends of the wire.
Step 5: Twist the wire ends from the second strand of flowers onto the looped end of the first strand of flowers.
Step 6: Add the ribbon to the ends to cover the twisted wire. Hang the garland anywhere you like.
Mum Garland
Step 1: Pinch the mums off the plant, as close to the base of the blossoms as possible.
Step 2: Cut 3′ of wire. Loop one end.
Step 3: The mums will be strung on the wire much like the marigolds were, but instead of pushing the wire through the bottom of the flower to the top, this time you will push the wire through the back of the mum. Pierce the flower right where the green part of the flower meets the petals.
Step 4: Slide the mums onto the wire, but give them each a twist as you go. This will make sure that the petals of one mum cover the green back of the mum before it.
Step 5: Loop the end of the wire, cover the end with ribbon, and hang the garland up.

  • modern-bride

    Love it!

  • shari

    I am so excited to make this for the garland that will go around the gazebo that my fiancee and I will getting married in on our property!