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I’ve come across some pretty cool headphones, but most of them lack the mic and remote of the newer Apple earphones that come with the iPhone. This mod is pretty much what you’d expect, but sometimes a good visual cue helps trigger the creative process. In the accompanying video Andreas ØdegÃ¥rd walks through swapping out the inferior Apple drivers for a set of Sennheiser CX300 drivers from a broken pair. Not only does this create a superior product that could never be purchased in a store, but it re-uses something that would otherwise have been thrown out with the trash.

Adam Flaherty

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  1. KentD says:

    Belkin makes an adapter with the control section and a socket for normal headphones.
    Model: F8Z452
    I know it’s not as cool as a mod, but people should know it exists.

  2. says:

    I want to do this with my Ultimate Ears! They have headphone cables which plug into the drivers. It would be very easy to cut up the cable to put the special plug end into the iPhone headphones. If you mess up you can buy a replacement cable cheap too!

  3. Jason says:

    I did a similar thing to the mic/headphones that come with the iPhone so that I could listen to music in my motorcycle helmet, and still answer the phone or control the playlist with the mic/controller built into the cord.

    My mod involved putting a 3.5mm plug onto the cord instead of the earphones, then mounting speakers and a 3.5mm socket in the helmet.

  4. Warren says:

    Seriously, listen or read before you comment.
    The mod above is a good(ish) one, but the comments fail to think of the microphone issue on an iPhone. The std earphones for me are great under a helmet, but they catch when removing it and push into my ears trying to get it all off. The best thing is that the mic and buttons work, even while riding. So yeah, I don’t like buds (that go into my ear) and nothing else, adapters included have the microphone.