I can’t claim to be hip to the latest in wedding technology, however I like the idea behind these ultra-personalized fingerprint wedding bands by Etsy seller fabuluster. Besides being a cute way to stay connected to your significant other and yada yada, they are also a great way to identify a would be romantic impostor. Just measure up their fingerprint to the record you keep on you, and you will never be fooled by an amorous doppelgänger again! Well, unless they have figured out how to clone fingerprints, but in that case we are probably doomed anyway. [Thanks Matt!]

  • Collin Cunningham

    … I do prefer having the fingerprint on the outside, as does my wife –

    • Matt Mets

      Hey, awesome! I was unaware that you had them!

  • Earthbound01

    I’m going to get some on account of the rash of Nancy impostors recently. (See her facebook about this)

  • Kees Ricken

    When I got married in 2006 we went to a guy that also makes this kind of wedding rings, He’s called “Jan van den Bragt” and has his workshop in the south of the Netherlands. See also the link below, the website is in dutch, sorry. Click on the < and > for more of his creations, we choose a combination of some of his creations.