MAKE subscriber Tyler writes in to share this über-complicated hidden drawer, by carpenter Brian Grabski. To get the hidden compartment to open, one first has to open each of the other drawers, which then release a pin that is pressed to open the hidden drawer. Nice work! I think it would be the perfect place to stash some trick puzzles.

  • Anonymous

    That is awesome. The only thing that could make it better would be to have to open the drawers in a specific order. That would raise the complexity by quite a bit though…. or would it…. hmmmm where is that pen and paper….

    • Brian Grabski

      It’s hard to tell from this video, but the drawers have to be pulled out to specific depths. When all four drawers are pulled out to their correct depths, the fist part of the hidden drawer pops out. If one drawer is off, it will not open. Stay tuned for the finished product video coming soon…

      • Matt Mets

        Ah, even neater! I was wondering, but couldn’t quite tell from the video.

  • Kurt

    Wow! I love that he shares the inner workings.

    He uses nicer wood for the interior of his project than I use for the exterior of most of mine.

    Really nice work. I’d love to see the finished product now that we’ve seen the internals of it all.

  • Joel

    Built in the Twin Cities?

  • jay

    copied from the film national treasurs 2

  • frank

    in the second national treasure movie (with nicolas cage) there was a seen where the “resolute” desk in the president’s office opened up like a puzzle box. – press the knot, pull the drawers (inch marks on the edges), etc if this isn’t the original then this is a well thugh out working model!!! excellent