Alan Parekh of Hacked Gadgets made this really nice looking gear clock using a PIC microcontroller, a scavenged stepper motor, and a bunch of wooden gears that he cut out on a CNC router. The concept is pretty straightforward, however I really like the clear design, where each part is a functional piece of the clock mechanism. You’ll never have to wonder what is inside this thing that makes it tick! [via Hacked Gadgets]

  • mpechner

    Did I miss where the clock runs via the pic and the stepper motor?

    • Matt Mets

      It’s working the whole time, watch the beginning again.

    • Matt Mets

      It might help to note that it only ticks once every nine seconds, presumably because it doesn’t have a second hand.

  • Marc de Vinck

    If only I could push 2 buttons and manually control time! :)

  • Earthbound01

    Not only is this clock cool, I learned the word decrement.