As a parent, I struggle daily to get my kids to help out around the house. I’ve tried a lot of methods, and have seen a lot of fancy chore charts. My favorite thing about this one from Lisa of ModEco Kids is the simple statement at the top of the chart: This is how I contribute to my family. It’s such a great way to turn the typical parental “nagging” into the true show of how we can all work together. Nice!

  • Lisa (ModEcoKIDS)

    Thanks so much for featuring this chore chart! I’m delighted to hear that you think it will be useful for your family.

  • Jade Leonard (

    This is great! I have just started making my own range of hand made JadeMonster plush toys that support women living in challenging circumstances in Vietnam. I get such inspiration from things like this. We all need to make changes. Keep sharing!

  • ajudson1

    We really like it as a chore chart and a game to help get our kids keep on track of tasks

  • sarah

    I cannot get the link to work to go see (and print off) the chore chart. Is it not there anymore (ModEcoKIDS)? Thanks!

  • Rachel Hobson

    Indeed, it looks like the site is either down or permanently gone. Perhaps you can use the picture to model a DIY version for yourself? Good luck!

  • Victor Blake

    Link is dead.

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  • Naomi

    Do you have a copy of this you can link since the original website is dead?