If you’ve built one of the marshmallow shooters from MAKE, vol 02, this Saturday’s Marshmallow Civil War is for you. Actually, there’s still plenty of time to head to the hardware store and make one in time for the event:

A historical reenactment in New York of questionable accuracy. With marshmallows. Many years ago, widespread unrest in the region and a perplexing overabundance of marshmallows led to a soft armed conflict between opposing sides. More moderate citizens flew the flag of Yellow, while the more radical aligned themselves with Red.

Marshmallow pistols, jet-puffed assault rifles, bow-and-mallows and Peep grenades decimated each army until no soldier was left alive. This is a reenactment of that epic battle.

Sides will be chosen, marshmallow weapons will be loaded, and chaos will ensue.

Commenter Shawn Q has set the tone quite nicely by saying “PH34R MY P33P GRENAAAADEZ.” [Thanks, Fil!]