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  1. Art says:

    There’s also a nice video of how to do this on the website.

    Any cyclist who wants to learn more about maintaining their ride would, I think, benefit from visiting that website. He’s got tons and tons of short+simple videos there on just about every aspect of bike maintenance.

  2. fujisan says:

    sheldon brown says wrapped bars are for sissies

  3. Mr Foo says:

    I really don’t understand the “modern” fascination with wrapping from the bar ends in. You end up with an ugly, fragile, taped end on the wraps. If you do it “old skool”, you can start from the center of the bars, with *no tape*, and the end of the wraps is held in place by the bar end plugs. It’s easy.

    And for the weight weenies, you save .2g of tape :)

    Start from the centre. Lay the end of the tape on top of the bar, facing forwards. One wrap under the bars to trap the end of the tape, then continue exactly as if you were doing it the “modern” way, when you get to the end of the bars leave a small tail that gets pushed into the bars and trapped using your bar ends.

    If you’re using cotton twill tape (super-cheap per metre from your local fabric supplier, and available in any number of colours), wet it before wrapping. As it dries, it shrinks, and makes for a super-tight wrap.

    Kids these days. Don’t know they’re born, etc etc

    1. Stanley says:

      Sounds like a great idea. I am going to try wrapping from center out on my bullhorn bars.
      Thanks for the tip.

    2. bridge says:

      From Park Tools (

      “The direction of the wrap may also effect how it retains it tightness on the bar. Generally, it is the habit of cyclist to pull back on their hands when riding on the top section of the bars. By noting this, you can wrap so this habit will be self-tightening on the tape. Looking from the rider’s point of view (from the back of the bike) wrap each side the tape rotates inward from the top. In other words, wrap the right bar counter-clockwise and the left bar clockwise.”

      Not that I’m a stickler. do what thou whilst ~

  4. Whodadood says:

    What kind of brakes do you have on that bad boy?

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