Scott Jarvie made this Clutch Chair using more than 10,000 drinking straws. This one is apparently a non-functional art piece, however it seems like one should be able to make a usable chair with the same materials.

Anyone know how to form a curved surface using only straight segments of straw? My best guess is that you could use half-length straws as a wedge to form the curves. [via neatorama]

  • Doug McCaughan

    If the straws were all perpendicular the curve would be impossible. By rotating an adjacent straw, like an X, and changing the “height” of the straw, different geometries can be created.

    • Matt Mets

      I’m with you until the X part, wouldn’t they be more like a V? I’m getting the feeling that it was much harder to construct than it looks.

  • Gir

    It wouldn’t be hard to make a long cone form to stretch one end of the straws. That’s how I would have done it, had I any artistic ability or dedication. ;)

  • jatt

    This chair sucks :p

  • Anonymous

    >> Believe it or not, curved surfaces can be made from straight lines… see Wikipedia for “Ruled surface”.