Here’s a neat idea from designers razy2. Instead of casting a chair out of foam or silicone, they decided to build one up layer by layer out of what looks like a giant Post-It pad. Because the paper is only attached on one side, you can scribble on the top layer and then just pull it off to clean up, or stick things between the layers. Sounds fun, but I would be pretty scared that I would spill something on it. [via core77]

  • Ross

    Not to be a downer – I think this is a cool idea. But as an aside; is anyone else tired of seeing some (generally a student) 3d rendering of a product get splashed all over the internet as if it is actually a real product available for purchase?
    This is a cool idea, but it is _just_ an idea. This is MAKE, not IMAGINE. It seems like 99% of these kind of posts are just something out of someone’s sketchbook, and they stay that way.
    I would rather see a badly lit iphone video of someone showing off their real product than a highly polished depiction of something that will never be.

    PS in case this came off as too harsh: razy2 – keep it up, you’ve got a lot of cool ideas. I hope you are able to produce them (even as prototypes) and I’ll be right here cheering for you!

    • warren


    • Simon

      I think your comment is spot on. I was just going to post a comment saying ‘is this actually real or just a rendering’. Seeing a real prototype would be cool!

      • Jacek from Razy2

        Paper chair is one of our oldest concepts. Now we are trying always to make something real, eg TAB table, etc.
        As you can see in our portfolio (razy2(dot)com) our latest designs are real. Maybe in the future the Paper chair will turn into a prototype also.