I’m leaving for a 3 week trip bright and early tomorrow morning, and in preparation, today I gathered the supplies for a fun travel art kit. I went to Art and Soul, my local arts and crafts shop in Sebastopol (where our Craft Intern Lindsey works!). I found some great things there. All the kit needs is water, and my creative energy. With just it, I can draw, color, paint, and blend. It’s a simple and compact collection of tools, including: Moleskins, 6 shades of watercolor crayons, paintbrushes for blending, a fine point ink pen, and two very intersting pencils. One is a graphite pencil that blends with water, and the other is a blue ink pencil.
If you have a great travel art kit, share a list of the contents in the comment section! Bon Voyage!

  • April

    God I love Sebastopol! I wish it wasn’t so expensive or there were more places to work.
    You have a great art travel kit. Keep it simple!

  • malachus

    My craft is origami, so my travel kit is usually an old altoids tin (or a penguin mints tin, they’re slightly larger) with some small origami paper and a small stack of business cards in my pocket. The tins are also good for holding finished models safely.

  • David

    You could also make your kit completely self-sustaining by using a waterbrush instead of regular brushes. I use pretty much the same exact kit as the one pictured, except I use Derwent Graphitone watersoluble graphite and waterbrushes. Niji makes some, as well as Pentel and Beinfang. They all perform differently, so I have a few of each.