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  • Gareth Branwyn

    Gawd, those are glorious! Want.

    They’d make lovely, geeky lamps. There’s just something about those Platonic solids that’s like nerd crack. I was intensely drawn to polyhedral dice the first time I saw them and they’ve never lost their allure.

    • Simon

      Would be easy to make something similar. You just need to get the coloured glass, a decent glass cutter, some of the copper foil tape and some solder . All can be had from a stained glass making place. Basically all you do is cut the glass shapes. Stick the edges together with the copper foil tape strips then you solder over the copper. It’s called the copper foil method and is basically how Tiffany lamps are made.

      • John Talarico

        Depends on your definition of “easy”. :)
        There’s the matter of getting all of the facets cut precisely, and bevel-ground to fit together at the proper angle. Glass has a thickness. Then there’s the matter of soldering them all together and getting the internal seams neatly done (it’s transparent, after all). Then there’s the matter of handcrafting the metal numbers. Conceptually, it’s not a complex operation, but in practice requires cutting jigs, forms, and a lot of patience.

  • Pelrun

    Just as long as some wiseass doesn’t try to actually use them…


    Yes, I’d probably be that wiseass – my Half-Orc figurine is actually half a plastic fork.

  • John Talarico

    Hi there – I was reading my daily feeds and to my surprise a lovely pic of my stained glass d20 shows up!

    Thanks for the props, MAKE:Magazine!

    If anyone is interested in purchasing, they’re hand-made to order. Our podcast has been spun down, but I still do glass work on occasion.

  • Anonymous

    ……The Tiffany style of Stain glass is not “copper foil method”.. It is far more advanced.

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