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Excerpt from Twirled Paper
By Jacqueline Lee
It’s amazing what you can make with simple paper strips! With this project, kids can learn the art of quilled paper by creating these adorable paper versions of an octopus and angel fish. Recycle and cut long thin long strips of paper from old newspapers, wrapping paper, or even junk mail!
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For more twirled paper projects like these, check out the book Twirled Paper: Make Almost Anything with Simple Paper Strips by Jacqueline Lee which comes with more than 100 paper strips in 28 different colors. You’ll also get googly eyes, glue, and a twirling wand and a multitude of project ideas. As a special to CRAFT readers, get 25% off all Klutz titles by entering in the promo code CRAFT at checkout!

  • Iniyaal

    The twirled papaer guide is beautifully illustrated and easy to follow. Thanks for the wonderful guide.

  • MegnificentMade

    I bought this to take on my flight from Sydney to New York this week…it was a life saver! A great book with some really easy lessons. Klutz books are great!

  • Edelweiss

    I love things made by twilling – and these are such fun ideas. :)

  • Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling)

    I love this book! One of my favorites on paper quilling.
    Inna (increations.blogspot.com)

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