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As if autonomous swarming robots weren’t cool enough. SensorFly, a prototype from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, shows just how robust the current crop really is. Knock down one of these sensor-packed hovering whirlygigs and it reorients itself to take flight again in a matter of seconds. [via BotJunkie]

The SensorFly is a novel low-cost controlled-mobile aerial sensor networking platform. A flock of these 29g autonomous helicopter nodes with communication, ranging and collaborative path determination capabilities, can be extremely useful in sensing survivors after disasters or adversaries in urban combat scenarios.

Adam Flaherty

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  1. s. says:

    Just replace the wheel with some sharp blades and you have Manhacks from Half-Life2.

    1. Maha says:

      .. and substitute a crowbar for that racket paddle.

  2. hatless in hattiesburg says:

    “Flynet becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, November 25th. In a panic, they try to swat the bugs. Flynet fights back…”