From the MAKE Flickr pool

Swinz built a rather convincing elevator-style control panel just for the heck of it –

I’ve recently completed a device that I’ve been idly threatening to make for years. This is a device that has no purpose other than entertainment, and it’s fairly limited in that regard too. It was fun building it, and it was a great arduino and electronics learning project for me.

Still, it could be a great prop for a short film. More infos on his project blog.

  • Simon

    A beautifully pointless project. I like it!

  • Anonymous

    Now it’s time to build a elevator?

    • Collin Cunningham

      heh – the thought did cross my mind ;)

    • Lance J. Reha

      Beautiful. I need one of those for a film I’m going to be doing. How much to make one for me? E-mail me, thank you!