Photo 229 229948-Gadget Freak Case 154 Table Saw Quick Clean Up
Latest Gadget Freak! Table Saw quick cleanup, simple Hall effect sensor project –

When John Dawson turns on his table saw he wants a Shop-Vac to automatically turn on, too. He might have controlled a duplex outlet from a wall switch, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, he uses a Hall-Effect sensor to detect current flow in the saw’s power cord and then turn on the vacuum cleaner via a relay. John’s design adapts well to other control situations, too. Don’t get sucked into a simple switch circuit.

  • spiwrx

    We’ve been using a current switch for purposes like this, quick, easy, and cheap…

    Or Search ‘current switch’ on this site,

  • Clint

    Sears is the only place I’ve found that sells a pre-made saw-accessory switch. It works perfect for my needs and the $20 price is hard to beat.

    My only complaint is that I’d like a manual ON switch for the accessory sockets so I can turn the vacuum on occasionally without having to power up the saw itself.

    At some point, I’ll post my disassembly photos of it somewhere.