Like having a real Christmas tree, but hate having to crawl underneath it to keep it watered? Well, Andrew King has a pretty good solution. He set up a small tank of water next to the tree, then ran a hose over to it to make an xmas tree siphon. Nice and easy, and you end up with more space under the tree for presents. I think I would make mine to look like a giant water tower, to match the train that we have running under there.

  • Brian

    I highly recommend setting a siphon watering system. I made one this year, using this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make_a_Hidden_Christmas_Tree_Watering_System/ . Now I can add water every couple of days while standing up, rather than crawling under the tree twice a day.

  • Bill

    This is actually an example of Communicating Vessels.

    • Matt Mets

      And a practical one, at that!