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  • Simon

    The robot and Meccano Christas tree are cool but why does Santa have four arms in that picture?

    • Mark Frauenfelder

      The other Galaxy covers in the gallery show the same four-armed Santa. I guess he was a recurring mutant mascot.

  • KentKB

    I was about ten years old when I bought a copy with Ray Bradbury’s “The Fireman” in it.
    I do not have the copies anymore they left with the first wife….She claimed I was a hoarder.

    • Gareth Branwyn

      Gawd, I would die to have all of the SF magazines I had as a kid, and the MAD Magazines, the comic books… And then the hippie mags of my teens: The East Village Other, the Berkeley Barb, The Realist, The Modern Utopian, Whole Earth Review, Mother Earth News, etc. Some of that stuff is probably worth real money now.

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