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Back in July, I blogged about YB2Normal’s inexpensive PVC gimbal for a home-made steadicam rig. Since that time, William has been steadily refining his design. Version five, pictured above, features a redesigned gimbal incorporating an off-the-shelf auto part. [via Hack A Day]

From the pages of MAKE:


Johnny Lee showed us how to build a $14 Video Camera Stabilizer way back in MAKE 01.

Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. Matt says:

    Yeah an off the shelf RC auto part…

  2. says:

    The U-Joint he uses is meant for an RC car. You’re local AutoZone is unlikely to have one in stock.

  3. kaluhi21 says:

    I just love the ingenuity of this guy! Where but here in the good old USA do you have these great guys and girls making something this simple, yet elegant? A stabilizing shot can really make a difference when video-taping a subject that is on the move without the staggering, off-subject shots. Kudos to you! I wonder if it works for the smaller cameras, like the flip video camera from