I am a yarn stasher. I love looking at my supplies and seeing fibers full of endless possiblitiesl. I mean, if the yarn is still in the skein, that means it could become anything, right?! Once it’s knit up into something, it’s still amazing, but to me, un-knit yarn is like a blank sheet of paper, and I revel in the potential. Today I wanted to share the most exciting yarn in my stash. It’s the Lion Brand Yarn Organic Wool. This yarn is most definitely the purest that I own, and I am really curious as to what it will one day become, that is, if I can bring myself to knit it up! I’d love to hear about the best yarns in your stash! Share in the comments!

  • missdk

    Berroco Sundae. It’s a super bulky acrylic/wool combo and it’s SO SO PRETTY. Feeling soft, delicious yarn flowing over your hands as you crochet is the loveliest thing ever. I’m in love with it.

  • Nicole

    Ella Rae’s bamboo silk blend is absolutely luxurious. I can’t stop knitting with it!