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Pedal powered snow plow

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  • 02/05/2009 @ 3:04 pm
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Bill Bumgarner wrote in to tell us about a great seasonal project one of his long-lost friends (who got in touch with Bill after seeing one of his projects right here!) made: Kevin Blake, who by day is an engineer at Trek Bicycles, came up with the idea of using... Read more »

Classic arcade game locations

Classic Arcade Game Locations makes it easy to find old-school arcade games: Welcome to the largest collection of places that still have classic video arcade games to play. If you walk into arcades today only to walk back out because they do not have any of the old games you... Read more »

Pop-up book ideas

In this video and blog interview, pop-up book designers Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart show some of their secrets for creating truly impressive pop-up effects. Their cyclone pop-up, using a string and a dowel, for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book, is amazing. [Thanks to MAKE subscriber Brent, of Eightlines... Read more »

Simple, stand-alone 5-volt regulator

MAKE subscriber S1axter, of myBitBox, has put together details on building a basic, filtered 5v power regulation unit based on the ubiquitous LM7805 voltage regulator. You can either build it out of a handful of parts you can get at your local electronics shack, or buy a little kit he’s... Read more »