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Pop-up book ideas

In this video and blog interview, pop-up book designers Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart show some of their secrets for creating truly impressive pop-up effects. Their cyclone pop-up, using a string and a dowel, for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book, is amazing. [Thanks to MAKE subscriber Brent, of Eightlines... Read more »

Lisp Machine keyboard close up

Joey deVilla has posted some closeup pictures of the Lisp Machine that he donated to HackLabTO: The keyboard is bristling with modifier keys. Yes, we’ve all got shift and control, but most of us don’t have hyper, super, and meta keys. I have a guess as to what the network... Read more »

Weekend Project: Cosmic Night Light

Make a glittering LED constellation jammed in resin. This is Part 1 of this two-week project. Thanks go to Kris DeGraeve for the original article in Make: Volume 14.To download The Cosmic Night Light MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete Cosmic Night Light article in... Read more »

Plastic soda bottle prosthesis

Instructables user CIRnetwork writes: In resource-limited areas worldwide, individuals with amputations may not be able to gain access to prosthetics devices due to a lack of the materials needed to fabricate them. This simple technique utilizes a 2-liter soda bottle to create below-the-elbow prosthesis suitable for a number of light... Read more »

Tuning into wifi radio

From the MAKE Flickr pool MightyOhm’s WiFi radio project has is now ‘tunable’. The WL-520gU based digital radio uses analog control in the form of a basic linear potentiometer - It turns out that this is mostly a software exercise, made simple by taking advantage of the analog to digital... Read more »

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