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Art shanties return to the tundra

You’ve heard of art cars… but what about art shanties? These are ice fishing huts converted into habitable works of art. Now in its third year, the Twin Cities’ Art Shanty Projects returns to frozen Medicine Lake for another round of awesome huts. Art Shanty Projects is an artist driven... Read more »

Klein Bottles 'r' them

In the market for a Klein Bottle or just a wool hat shaped like one? Check out the selection at Acme Klein Bottle. In 1882, Felix Klein imagined sewing two Möbius Loops together to create a single sided bottle with no boundary. Its inside is its outside. It contains itself.... Read more »

DIY beauty dish

Australian Flickr user Andrew converted a regular flash into a beauty dish by adding a 7″ stainless steel dish, a lid from a food tin, a “4n20 Pies giveaway stubby holder” and some pieces of Mechano. Here’s an example of the effects he got with his dish. Read more »

Map-inspired paintings

With GPS units shining from dashboards and Google Maps just a click away, maps have never been more of a part of our culture than they are now. Joshua Huyser’s cartographical explorations embrace such concepts as travel, movement, paths, and directions. Here’s what Huyser’s cryptic artist’s statement has to say:... Read more »

10 things to do with a new Arduino

Matt over at Liquidware posted an evolution of simple introductory sketches for those fresh to the world of Arduino. A good starting point for those who find themselves with a new board, the examples require no additional hardware and demonstrate/combine digital output, serial communication, and their relevant functions. In the... Read more »

Tape measure tricks

Though it’s likely a viral vid from a hardware manufacturer, the “superhuman tape measure skills” seen above do seem plausible – and fun! Update: As the perceptive comments below point out, these ‘tricks’ seem to be a combination of CG renders and string. Still, I’m guessing something similar could be... Read more »

China's DIY aviation community

From Wired’s Autopia blog: China is home to a widespread DIY culture fed by necessity (the mother of all invention) and innovation. These garage builders and innovators are, like their products, often called shanzhai. Literally translated, it means “mountain strongholds,” but it has come to mean nonprofessional or clandestine manufacturers... Read more »