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Help build a wireless Rube Goldberg machine

For the third straight year, Minneapolis makers’ collective Studio Bricolage will hold a Rube Goldberg building event. (The video above shows last year’s machine.) But there’s a twist — the machine’s transitions will involve wireless, rather than mechanical technology! The Studio Bricolage 3rd Annual causation machine build will focus upon... Read more »

Art shanties return to the tundra

You’ve heard of art cars… but what about art shanties? These are ice fishing huts converted into habitable works of art. Now in its third year, the Twin Cities’ Art Shanty Projects returns to frozen Medicine Lake for another round of awesome huts. Art Shanty Projects is an artist driven... Read more »

Klein Bottles 'r' them

In the market for a Klein Bottle or just a wool hat shaped like one? Check out the selection at Acme Klein Bottle. In 1882, Felix Klein imagined sewing two Möbius Loops together to create a single sided bottle with no boundary. Its inside is its outside. It contains itself.... Read more »


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