Artist, traveller, & inventor Joost Conijn spent the better part of a year building his own very custom automobile – almost entirely from wood. And what more fitting way to power such a vehicle, than with an onboard wood-burning stove! You might assume such a novel machine wasn’t intended for any lengthy excursions, but in fact that was Conijn’s aim from the project’s onset.

Free from the trappings of petrol-dependent transportation, Joost ventured through remote & tourist-free terrain of Eastern Europe documenting his journey in video. Fueled by donations from local villagers (and forests), he managed to explore – “Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Transnistrië, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Italy, France, The Netherlands” Epic road trip indeed, Conijn explains some of his motivation and experiences –

  • Karel

    Makers might be interested to know that the car is based on the chassis and the mechanics of a 1974 Citroën DS, with an engine converted to run on LPG.

  • Kralik

    Thanks for the information about the car’s origins. It looks a bit like an old Tatra, but the engine is at the wrong end.

    • Davidtotal

      I agree with Kralik.
      Thanks for the information about the car’s origins.
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  • Dale

    I think this person is living the life we all should be.

    • snotnose

      Go ahead- I’ll burn gas, thank you.

  • http://www.britishfootie.co.uk/ Max

    I don’t know if they understand what Romanians spoke.
    (Hai sa luam lemne de la ei!)
    Let’s take woods from them!
    Better they go away because they would left without fuel!
    Anyway this car is an 100% pure and wild adventure for any driver.
    Cazare Moneasa