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  • ROB K636
  • Disappointed

    I get disappointed when I see interesting projects on MAKE, only to be led off site to a link that wants me to buy something. It’s a hussle, and just another form of SPAM. Can someone check the links and at least have the courtesy to post a codicil like “you will be redirected to their web site where you can purchase plans for “x” amount of dollars”. No one likes a shyster.

    • Matt Mets

      I mentioned this in the article:

      He has a nice write-up at his site, and is selling
      detailed plans if you need them.

      It’s a cool project, and he includes enough detail that one could easily re-create it on their own.

    • Adrian

      Make frequently publish blog entires with full access to entire printed magazine articles. Besides, for any maker, that ‘write-up’ is basically a set of detailed instructions.

      Additionally, if you look at the website, there are no adverts. Seems like they just want to recoupe a few hosting costs.

  • ninjajonas

    Where can you buy the wooden combination lock?

  • Glenn Christensen

    404 not found on those links! can anyone please resupply the templates – particularly the wooden ones!!!!!!