The folks over at Project 240 built this Office M&M Dispenser Maze for, well, I think just for the joy of building it. After pressing the reset button to dispense a giant M&M ball, the user manipulates a joystick to navigate the candy through the maze. Anyone know where to get giant M&M balls like that? [via sparkfun]

  • Anonymous

    I think they call ’em Peanut M&Ms.

  • Paul

    Not only do you need Giant M&M balls, but a ginormous dispenser of giant M&M balls, and gargantuan hands of picking up the giant M&M ball.

    Too bad they didn’t just scale it down & use peanut M&Ms.

  • efftee

    …the whole thing only appears bigger. Check out his hand when he picks up the m&m at 2:27 for some scale.

  • gyziger

    I think this is grounds for a candy dispensing remake/challenge.

  • Anonymous

    Standard plain or peanut M&Ms won’t do. They are ellipsoids (plain oblate; peanut prolate, mostly). So those sphere “M&Ms” remain a profound mystery! (extra credit: for what do the ‘M’s in M&M stand for? nerd heaven is guaranteed to them that know this without google)

  • Andrew

    The “fail” bucket needs to reload the M&M into the dispenser,and the whole thing save for the success ramp needs to be enclosed.