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Turn any TV on or off with a click of the button! With the new and improved 3rd Gen TV-B-Gone, even those new big-screen LCD TVs aren’t safe anymore! New features include instant reactivation with the press of a button, a bigger battery, and a flashing LED that indicates the unit is sending out its signal. If you don’t want the LED on, simply double-click at the beginning of a new sequence for “stealth mode”

Maker Shed

Maker Shed

The Maker Shed is brought to you by Maker Media, the makers of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Faire, and much more.

Launched originally as a source for back issues of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Shed expanded rapidly to meet the demand for ‘projects in a box,’ otherwise known as kits. Now we have a little bit of everything for makers, crafters, and budding scientists, from Arduinos to sock monkeys to chemistry sets .

  • Aaron Ramsey

    Look at me! I’m so important and my opinion is so much better than yours that I will impose my will on everyone around me!

    Seriously, these TV-B-Gone crapvertisements really have no place on Make.

    • Marc de Vinck

      The TV-B-Gone can be used for good too! I was in a diner with my children. The diner was virtually empty, and the news was blaring on a TV. Nobody was watching it. Needless to say a story about some horrific crimes was being broadcast and it caught my kids attention. It was a simple press of a button to turn it off.

      When the manager looked confused, I explained to him that the news was really inappropriate for young children, and he responded with a big “Thank You”!

      • Aaron Ramsey

        Or, alternatively, you could have… I don’t know… maybe have actually TALKED to the manager and have asked him to turn it off?

        • Marc de Vinck

          I absolutely would have…if I could have! He was in the kitchen (I assume chatting with the cooks).

          Trust me, the news item was soooooo inappropriate for children, that it needed immediate attention.

          Oh, and I forgot to mention, the TV was mounted to a bracket that hung from the ceiling, so I couldn’t reach it. Also, on my way out I turned it back on, and he laughed. It was all good! I still go to the diner regularly. :)

    • alandove

      Aaron, you have an odd way of looking at things. I think TV has no place invading my life simply because I have to be in some public area for awhile. When I’m stuck in some dismal airport lounge, or a doctor’s waiting room, or out trying to have a decent dinner in a restaurant, it’s the television network that’s imposing its will on me. The TV-B-Gone is just leveling the playing field a bit.

    • Andy L

      I guess it is at least a little arrogant to turn off TVs in public places.

      It is at least 1/20th as arrogant as being a self-elected internet morality cop.

      (By the way, do you have any fascinating opinions on graffiti or automobile modifications that may or may not be street legal in some jurisdictions?)