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Pt 2449
Looking for some good podcasts? Here are my picks! I try and listen or watch about an hour of science programming a day, it’s usually on a treadmill or pedaling a bike or if I am in a “hostage situation” like traveling. It’s a way to pass the time while keeping active or while just waiting in line for something.

A few posts ago I mentioned I listened to a lot of sci/tech, etc and some commenters were interested in my playlist. So…. This is the list for the week, I try new ones out all the time, add them, remove them – if you have suggestions post them up in the comments! I’m always interested in discovering new ones. On a related note, during the holidays I spent about 14 hours a day shipping open source hardware, for those long runs of time I listened to audio books – that’s not the list I’m posting here, but perhaps I will later if there’s interest in that list too.

Each item after the jump has a show URL, RSS (XML) feed and an iTunes URL, with the second URL you can drag it directly in to iTunes or use the 3rd link, the iTunes link. Read on for the full list!

Pt 2458
*adafruit industries – Adacast. DIY electronics, open source hardware and hacking. Videos and more from Adafruit. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2456
*Citizen Engineer. How-to, electronics and art, electronics comic book. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2455
*CRAFT: CRAFT Podcast. Transforming Traditional Craft. It’s our CRAFT podcast, the perfect blend of tech & craft! Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2454
NPR: Science Friday Podcast. Science Friday, as heard on NPR, a weekly discussion of the latest news in science. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2453
Scientific American Podcast. A weekly exploration of the latest developments in science and technology – lots of stories from the magazine. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2459
Science Times. A roundup of the topics addressed in this week’s Science Times (New York Times). Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2460
Science Magazine Podcast. Lots of content from the magazine. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2461
FRONTLINE: Audiocast | PBS. Thought provoking journalism, good topics. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2462
Science in Action. The BBC World Service’s weekly look at new developments in science from around the world. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2463
Science Weekly. Alok Jha and the Guardian’s science team – analysis and interviews from the worlds of science and technology. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2464
Material World. Weekly science conversation, on everything from archaeology to zoology, from abacus to the antipodean rodent zyzomys, by way of meteorites. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2465
Science Channel Features. Special features, interviews, and behind the scenes stories from the Science Channel (old, but lots of content). Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2466
Science & the City. Science & the City – weekly podcast featuring cutting-edge research and science from New York City and beyond. Leading scientists tell their stories in a mixture of documentaries, interviews, and lectures. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2467
Science Update Podcast – Weekly Edition. Each Science Update Podcast contains five brief yet satisfying stories on the latest discoveries in science, technology and medicine, from aardvarks to zygotes, and, every now and then, aardvark zygotes. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2468
*MAKE Magazine: MAKE Podcast. Technology on Your Time. It’s all about making things! Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2469
This Week in Space with Miles O’Brien . This Week In Space With Miles O’Brien, a new show dedicated to keeping space lovers up to speed on the stories and issues making news off the planet. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2470
NPR: Your Health Podcast. From NPR: The Health Desk – latest consumer health and medical news. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

Pt 2457
Quirks & Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio. CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom… and everything in between. Show URL, feed URL (XML) and iTunes.

*The ones ones with * is a disclosure, obvious, but I work on those, or have, in some way.

Post up your suggestions!

Phillip Torrone

Editor at large – Make magazine. Creative director – Adafruit Industries, contributing editor – Popular Science. Previously: Founded – Hack-a-Day, how-to editor – Engadget, Director of product development – Fallon Worldwide, Technology Director – Braincraft.

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