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  • Kat

    This is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Period. My mother and I made a batch, intending on giving away three small bags of it after eaten quite a bit ourselves. Needless to say, no one else got to try a bite.

  • Sophie

    I made this, too, and it was delicious. However, I didn’t take seriously the direction to let the caramel boil without stirring and my caramel coating was grainy as a result. So, yum, yes, make it, but don’t underestimate the importance of leaving the syrup alone!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that pic looks just like the one on SK’s site. Must’ve followed the recipe well!

  • Brookelynn

    It is the photo from the Smitten Kitchen. Isn’t her photography amazing? That’s one of the things that I like the best about her site!