I’m digging this giant sand printer by Zana design (no direct link). Who wouldn’t want a giant wheel that they can push around on the beach and leave a message? For extra points, I’d love to see a giant golfball printhead robot that drives around and stamps messages into the ground. [via rebel:art]


  • Dave

    Maker challenge: Should be relatively easy in dot-matrix!
    Maybe a wireless keyboard/programmer, take requests, code them, and roll down the wet shingle…

  • Andy

    I saw one of these years ago at the beach in Santa Monica, California, except that instead of printing words, it map a 3d map of the area. It was really cool to unexpectedly see all these little streets and buildings on the beach.

  • Anonymous

    Got one of these in my town. Every morning the thing cleans and tamps the beach, several miles of it, and advertisers pay to have their logo pushed into the sand. Lasts until the beach fills up.

  • brush cutter

    I was looking this kind of post from long.. Thanks for sharing..God bless!!