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Just when it seemed all the Rick-rolling was done, there’s this fun “anatomy of an Asterisk rick roll” by Andy Goodwin. He writes –

I was inspired by a friend (EFNet – steve nash aka oz) on IRC – he (or his friend(s)) had setup an incoming phone number that would just rickroll you.  Nothing else. Well, hell, that’s easy to setup with Asterisk, but I was determined to do one better.  Not only would I setup a phone number that would rickroll you, but I would also make the number call you back and rickroll you again. With Asterisk, PHP, MySQL, and great SIP service, this is cake.

Fun for modding and doing more with your Asterisk box :)

  • Shadyman

    Totally needs a video of someone testing the system :P

  • John Laur

    It would be better if it kept calling you back until you listened to the entire song. To make things slightly less painful it would resume the song from the point at which you hung up on it.

  • swapna reddy

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