My friend Chad Jenkins turned me on to this very nifty and very functional robot arm for the iRobot Create. It’s elegant in its simplicity, and would be a great weekend robotics project.

Kipp Bradford

Kipp Bradford

Kipp Bradford is a technology consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for making things. He is the Senior Design Engineer and Lecturer in Engineering at Brown University, where he teaches several engineering design and entrepreneurship courses. Kipp is also on the Technical Advisory Board for Make Magazine.

  • Harrison

    This arm seems to be a lot helpful to people on wheelchair or for those who cannot bend down for medical reasons.
    If the flat tray on which the arm places objects can be magnetized this could be used for picking up metallic objects too like nuts,pins,nails etc.

  • asdf

    “It’s elegant in it’s simplicity”
    1st “It’s” is correct.
    2nd “it’s” should be “its” (no apostrophe in possessive pronouns).

    • Kipp Bradford

      Ouch. I could pretend that I did that on purpose, but I didn’t. Mistake fixed… Thanks for paying close attention!

  • Travis Deyle

    This is called the “Dustpan” robot. It was built at Georgia Tech’s Healthcare Robotics Lab and documented in an ICRA 2009 paper entitled, “1000 Trials: An Empirically Validated End Effector that Robustly Grasps Objects from the Floor.”

    You can find out more about it at

    • Kipp Bradford

      Travis, thank you for the additional information. I’ll be at ICRA 2010. Hopefully the Healthcare Robots Lab will bring more cool innovations to show off!