Tom Wilksch’s Portable Gliding Simulator offers two improvements over a traditional simulator installed in a fixed location. Built on a trailer base, this can be towed to public events to serve as a recruiting tool – offering a taste of soaring to many more people. And since it folds up tidily, it doesn’t require dedicated storage space when not in use.


I love how the aerodynamic cover doubles as a large curved projection screen.

More pictures & info at The Design Blog and at Tom’s entry page for the Australian Design Award.

  • Not happy about the blatant spam (but cool Simulator idea)

    @51googlepm: … At first I wondered what you were talking about. Your comments made no sense, but then after seeing your web link, its now clear you are blatantly posting spam. I’m sure that whatever I say will be ignored by you, as your kind repeatedly shows they have no ethics or empathy for others, and instead focus almost exclusively on their own relentless Narcissistic self interest, but I would just say you’ve overlooked one very important point. Annoying someone before attempting to sell them stuff is actually going to put them off rather than encourage people to buy your stuff. All you are doing is teaching people to hate you and anything you try to force our attention onto.

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    Have a nice day.

    p.p.s There I was thinking what a cool idea this is to have my own outdoor Simulator (its something I’ve thought about indoors, but space has always been a problem that has put me off the idea of building one, but a trailer base makes a lot of sense. It would then also be easy to share it with others and perhaps even work as a team to build one. :)