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Math Monday: Balloon polyhedra

Balloon polyhedra By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics For making mathematical models of polyhedra, a convenient and inexpensive material is the long clown balloon. This dodecahedron (made of ten balloons) and icosahedron (made of six balloons) are two examples from a study of Mathematical Balloon Twisting by Erik... Read more »

Remixed Ikea bar

Portuguese design students Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto built a temporary bar out of Ikea bins for the annual Queima das Fitas celebrating the end of exams: Year after year, the students of Oporto School of Architecture are invited to think on a temporary bar to represent their institution with... Read more »

Recycling design competition

Background: The Recycling Designprize It is an „open” competition which invites all creatives and designers with professional or semi-professional education to submit their works and concepts. We ask for the design of objects made of “garbage” and/or industrial rests of production. The objects should be made for daily use or... Read more »

DIY audio test box

From the MAKE Flickr pool: Check out Dave’s excellent prototyping box built from a child’s lap desk. I frequently work on projects in the living room in front of the TV while sitting on the couch soldering away hunched over a disarray of wires, parts, wires, speakers, cords, breadboards, and... Read more »

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