Arduino package for Eagle, I know ya’ll are going to like this… now you can make shields and custom projects with ease (site and on github).

  • Collin Cunningham

    incredibly useful! thnx for posting

  • Justin

    Awesome job on the arduino file for Eagle. If you have any intention of selling a arduino shield, you’ll need to purchase a licence for Eagle. Kind of a bummer.

    A free alternative is KiCAD. It has some great 3D rendering and is not too tough to use.


  • Garrett

    I don’t like the idea of doing this as an Eagle part. On almost every shield I’ve designed, I’ve needed to change outlines a bit, modify the headers and labels, etc. Instead, I made a “shield scaffold” a while back that’s just an actual eagle .sch and .brd file you can copy and rename, then use to start your shield project:

  • wood

    thank you very much!