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Ranjit Bhatnagar’s at it again:

I love the sound of the obsolete Marxophone, but they’re expensive on ebay. I made this guitar-marxophone with hex nuts glued to street-sweeper bristles stapled to a chunk of wood. The marxotar straps to the guitar’s tailpiece and strap button with zipties, and can be attached and removed without any damage to the guitar.  


Becky Stern

Becky Stern is head of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:



  1. Hello Becky! This is amazing! I would love to make one of these! This might be a bit cheeky, but could you send me some rough instructions on how to make on these these? I would be forever grateful! Regards, Adam

  2. Charlie says:

    I would like to echo Adam’s request. Would it be possible to post some more detailed instructions on this diy project? Thanks.

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