The correct name for the MakerBot 3D printer is the Cupcake CNC, suggesting that all sorts of attachments could be substituted for the usual plastruder — in this case, Andrew “Clothbot” Plumb created an assembly out of some makerbotted connectors and a length of MakerBeam, allowing the mounting of the business end of a Dremel Flex-Shaft. The result? A mini CNC mill slash drill press.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Matt Mets

    Oooh, cool! That could be super useful for lightweight material. I wonder if you could do PCB hole drilling with it?

    I’m working on a dremel attachment for a little desktop cnc robot, but am concerned about the torque required for machining. It’s encouraging to see that the Makerbot is able to push the head around!


    Fortunately, the MakerBot design is such that the only tool-head motion is z-axis/vertical. The only thing being X/Y pushed around is the material being drilled/milled.

    PCB hole drilling shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t tried full-CNC yet, but Nate has with his own MakerBot mill design: see