Natural Deselection is an instrument that competes plants against each other. The device empowers plants to control the fate of others using sensors and mechanised shears in a Darwinian race for survival. The sensors set above the plants detect the first to grow to a specified height, at which point it is saved, and the others fatally chopped.

[via pruned]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • machright

    Not what I would call natural selection. Natural selection is a bit more complex than the old saying, survival of the fittest.

    Anyway, interesting machine though.

  • Alan

    This is a brilliant work of art. A lot of companies treat their workers like that.

  • pete

    It is more like a horticultural version of the SAW movies than natural selection.

    • mecsim

      I must admit my immediate first impression was also the SAW movies.