Alan at Hacked Gadgets found this neat video that shows how ball bearings are made. All of that work to make what seems like a simple part! [via Hacked Gadgets]

  • Sean F. Kennedy

    They never tell us how they make the balls from the ball bearings…

    • Viadd

      Starting at 1:45 they talk about how the balls are made.

  • machright


    • machright

      That should be spelled ‘fascinating’ :)

      • Matt Mets

        A video about how screws are made would be even more fasten-ating…

        • jason1729

          Off the top of my head, they have one on nuts and bolts and one on screwdrivers.

  • Brick Moon

    Riveting, even. Okay, I’m a nut — a metal case. Enough of this thread.

  • Ross Hershberger

    There are lots of kinds of threads. Rolled threads, ground threads, die cut threads, lathe turned threads etc. The easiest way is to run stock through a die, which you can do manually. The most difficult is grinding, which is used for hard materials or precision fit. Threaded fasteners look simple but should not be taken for granted!
    Thanks for the great video.
    My wife is watching this now. She’s taking a break from designing a machine. She’s the one person I know with the most knowledge about bearings, bushings and automated machines.

  • rekinom

    In 1943, the US tried to stop the war by destroying the German ball bearings production. 42% of Nazi bearing production was concentrated in one city. The US lost 60 bombers and hundreds of crew members while the Germans were simply able to fall back on their surplus stockpiles of bearings.

    • declan morris


  • craig

    I replace pool/spa pump bearings all the time, usually the wet end had a leaking seal which leaked onto and took out the front bearing. The bad bearings can scream, seize or just sound like a metalic ‘whir’. They are held onto the armature/casing by ‘c’ clip, warped spring bushings or mostly just pressed into place. With new bearings the old rusty pump motor sounds brand new. Often the noisy old bearings feel/rotate ALMOST as smooth & tight as the new bearings… those tolerences have to be so precise to have such a quiet preformance in the motor!

  • jason1729

    How it’s made is my favourite show. They have everything from plasma TV’s to hand-made musical instruments.

    I’m surprised this seems like a novelty here, don’t you get it in the US?

  • Bradley Irwin

    I actually made a post about it.

    You really get to realize how ball bearings are a huuuuge part of the machinery and industrial stuff we have in our lives..

  • Alan

    I see the spammers are actually using contextual terms to get past regular blog patrol methods.

  • Matt Mets

    Yeah, ugh :-(