You’ve heard of tilt-shift photography, right — pix shot with a special lens that makes everything look like little models. Well, check out Sam O’Hara’s The Sandpit, an awesome tilt-shift movie of a day in the life of New York City! [via Kottke]


John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • malachus

    There is a similar technique used in a recent allstate commercial.

  • Jason

    Here’s a similar music video based in Sydney (for local band MA):

  • Becky Stern

    I love New York!

  • Wilson!

    I liked the video, but then I read the director’s description of how it was done. Turns out the tilt-shift effect was done “in post,” not with a tilt-shift lens. Once I found out it’s “fake” tilt-shift, I didn’t think it was that cool any more. I mean, the maker put a tremendous amount of work into it, I guess I’m just old-school…

  • benn0

    Hey guys,

    This fella uses real lenses – some fantastic stuff worth checking out: