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We hit independent Oregonian jewelers Nicholas and Felice’s Pi Pendant and Pi Earrings for Pi Day this last Sunday, but, as you can see from these pics, they’ve got cool handmade jewelry for geeks of all flavors. If you’re a chemist, for instance, you might appreciate their Atomic Symbol for Silver Necklace, shown above, either as jewelry or as a gorgeous (and attractively labeled) silver specimen for your elements collection.

diode3 Featured Maker:  Nicholas and Felice

And a little something for the ladies (who also happen to be bad-ass electrical engineers): Diode Symbol Sterling Silver Earrings

htmlheadear1 Featured Maker:  Nicholas and Felice

And, finally, for just about anyone who’s geeky enough to be operating the computer required to read this blog in the first place (and who, you know, has pierced ears), these awesome HTML “head” tag earrings, to remind you and others where you keep your meta-data.

nfhome03 Featured Maker:  Nicholas and Felice

Nicholas and Felice live in Philomath, Oregon, with their two sons, and have been supporting themselves and their family as independent craftspeople for almost 20 years. If you’re interested in how their jewelry is made, check out these photos they just posted to the Makers Market blog showcasing their CNC die-making setup.

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