kegerator 1 Did someone say homebrewed Kegerator?
kegerator 2 Did someone say homebrewed Kegerator?
kegerator 3 Did someone say homebrewed Kegerator?

MAKE magazine contributor Bill Bumgarner (who wrote the “Pinball, Resurrected” piece in MAKE Volume 08), wanted a kegerator (keg refrigerator) for his homebrewed beer. He didn’t want to buy one (they can be expensive), so he built one. He started with a cheap Home Depot 5 cubic foot chest freezer. He extended the lid and stacked a couple of 2 x 4s in-between the lid and the body of the fridge to house his taps and CO2 tubing. A few nifty touches here, such as:

Ben Holt suggested a neat hack; stick a scale on the tank holder such that you know, by weight, when that 5# of CO2 is about gone. The high pressure gauge is close to useless in that it’ll read about 750-850PSI until almost all of the liquid CO2 is gone, then the pressure drops rather rapidly.

Nice work. [Thanks, Brian!]

Make: Kegerator!

Gareth Branwyn

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