And you thought Rodney Dangerfield’s golf bag in Caddyshack was awesome. Car guy and all-around maker Dave Phipps has built every teenagers dream car. Tricked-out muscle car? Check. Wireless remote controlled ignition, doors, windows, radio, drop top, and trunk? Check. RedEye iPod touch remote control interface? Check. Come on, don’t even tell me you never thought of doing this. [via Jalopnik]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • pete

    Well I still don’t know what “RedEye” is; guess its off a googling I will go. It sounds like a WiFi to infrared adapter? Strange product if so.

    I particularly like the remote start for practical reasons and the engine revving up for awesomeness. I would like to see the mechanical interface to the throttle however.

  • Wow Zygor Guide

    This is an awesome combination – IPad + American Muscle. I wish I had such a GTO. But one controlled via wireless, man this is what I call imagination. Thanks
    Tim Sewell from http://power-leveling-guide.org/topMenu/wow-leveling-guides