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New Zealand-based Weirdsky Industries offers these unusual three-legged calipers which express the golden ratio (Wikipedia), dividing the distance they span into two sections such that


The golden ratio is ubiquitous in the natural world, and in art and architecture at least since ancient Greece.

The calipers are made from laser-cut stainless steel, hand-assembled using brass rivets, and are produced in three standard sizes, with custom sizes available on request.



  1. Doctroid says:

    This statement:

    “The golden ratio is ubiquitous … in art and architecture at least since ancient Greece.”

    is highly questionable. See The Golden Ratio: The Story of PHI, the World’s Most Astonishing Number by Mario Livio.

    Basically you can find the Golden Ratio everywhere — if you cherry pick your data, and if you are not too fussy about how accurately your ratios approximate phi.

  2. Carnes says:

    Neato, very interesting.

  3. shelleynoble says:

    There’s something innately gorgeous about the harmonious proportions found in nature and in pleasing works of art. These steel beauties look a graceful and interesting thing to have in themselves. Well done!