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  • majeral

    Why was this included on the day before Easter? Also It was sold out? I have found this few times on Craftzine. I get all happy and then BAM! nothing

  • Brookelynn

    Hi Majeral! I put this up on Friday, thinking it was a perfect last minute project. And I’m so sorry that it has since sold out. The pattern was in stock and available when I put the post up yesterday. Since it’s a pattern, I’d contact the seller and see if she can’t send you one still! Good luck, and I sincerely hope you enjoy your holiday.

  • ThePoshEvent

    Hi there! A friend of mine told me that I was featured here and it was such a great surprise! Thank you so much!
    Sorry Majeral that it was sold out when you looked. I could barely keep them up yesterday and today. But it has since been relisted in my shop. I am giving free gifts this weekend with each purchase for Easter.
    Thank you again everyone!!
    Happy Easter!