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Why I am not getting an iPad…. because Apple gave my pre-order to someone else. These were/are for the iPad laser etching contest, looks like Apple is having supply issues and gave the iPads to retail stores instead of the pre-ordered folks, makes sense – I am not an angry mob outside a giant glass building. *OR* they looked up my name and saw what I was going to do to it, either way, no iPads.

  • Alan Parekh

    You could be right, someone looked up what you were going to do with their cherished iPad and thought, you are going to do what with the iPad…

    No iPad for you, next.

  • Garrett

    Regarding the laser engraving contest, this would be supremely satirical to etch on the back of an iPad: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2006/12/the_makers_bill_of_rights.html

  • Shadyman


    I’d get a good laugh out of that. If I had an iPad (not going to happen, BTW), I’d totally get that on the back :)

  • metis

    imho that’s lousy. yes mistakes happen, but this serves to inflate their sales numbers. they should have shipped you one from a store had they promised to ship you one to arrive today.