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  1. SKR says:

    No hood, eh? If this is a rental, then I guess I would deal with it. However, if this is your house, I would highly recommend a hood for the stove. Everything above a stove gets covered in vaporized grease. This necessitates very frequent cleaning.

  2. ppphhhh says:

    I believe code requires gas stoves to be power vented to the outside, to exhaust the products of combustion. I don’t think the vent has to be in a hood. However I can’t tell from the photo if such a vent exists.

    No worries about greasing my house, we don’t cook with grease.

  3. Becky Stern says:

    Looks great! I’m digging that butcher block, too, wish I could get my hands on a shorty like that! Modern counter tops are too high for me. =\

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