Dale reports that the last Open MAKE event at the Exploratorium was a great success. The above videos show the three featured makers for the month: Walter Kitundu, Ge Wang, and Krys Bobrowski. The Exploratorium’s blog has more:

The event got off to a great start as the Young Makers got busy soldering piezo microphones to audio cables, so that they could start exploring the museum in a new and unusual way: by trying various surfaces and exhibits to see what sound they make when amplified by a contact mic!

During the portion of the day open to the public, we offered several activities: some focused on listening to the “ancient technology” that are vinyl records through homemade amplifiers, and by biting a metal piece, through bone conduction; another asked visitors to build contraptions make music and rhythms by banging on a central bell; and finally Modesto from the Teacher Institute had everyone making membranophones!

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